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We help organizations increase productivity and profit through the use of our Accountable Management System (AMS). This system enables your managers to structure appropriately to achieve their goals and objectives; staff this structure with employees fully capable of doing the work in their roles; and establish accountable management practices.

Organization Structure

We help you in determining and establishing the correct number of managerial levels in your organization and in placing those roles at the right level for the complexity of work that needs to get done. We also provide a way of spelling out the lateral role relationships that are essential for working effectively across functions.


Tasks vary in complexity, and the ability of individuals to do their assignments differs as well. The AMS provides procedures for selecting a person capable of handling the required complexity of the work and for ensuring that each employee has a manager who can work at one level of complexity higher. This provides everyone with a manager who can add value to, and set context for, the work to be done. The AMS also provides a Succession Management System so that your organization will have employees available with the necessary capability and knowledge to meet current and anticipated staffing needs.

Accountable Management Practices

We assist clients in establishing critical managerial leadership practices, largely focused on Performance Management, so that your organization's employees will be clear on what they are to do. Role clarity coupled with clear accountability builds personal confidence and generates trust between individuals and between individuals and the organization.

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