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We have extensive experience in many types of organizations including technology, biotech, and health care, energy, manufacturing, financial and non-profit. We specialize in Succession Planning, Strategic Planning and Management Development.

Our proven Succession Planning Management program has been successfully implemented in organizations ranging from small family-owned companies to billion dollar enterprises. Using our six-step Management Succession Planning process we work with you to develop a comprehensive and effective succession plan that can be maintained on an ongoing basis without external assistance.

Our Strategic Planning process can be utilized in large or small companies, family businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Using our seven-step Strategic Planning Process we work with the senior management team to develop a system that aligns the organization structure with the strategy, identifies 4 to 6 Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and establishes 3 to 5 year Corporate Objectives based on these CSFs.

We have been providing Management Development and Training for more than 20 years to large, medium and small organizations in both the profit and non-profit domains. We design and deliver Management Education in competencies, leadership practices and managerial behaviors.

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